Planning a Kilimanjaro Trek

The key to a successful and enjoyable Kilimanjaro climb is to do your research ahead of time. For most people, a Kilimanjaro trek is a once in a lifetime experience, so put in a little planning effort up front to make the most of it!

We think that the two most important decisions to make in planning a Kilimanjaro climb are the choice of climbing route, and the choice of tour operator.

It's tempting to look for the lowest cost and shortest way up Kilimanjaro, but we think you'll disappointed if you do this. The longer you spend on the mountain, the better acclimatized you'll be, and the better your chances of summiting.

Ideally you should start planning your Kilimanjaro trek at least 6 months ahead, so that you have time to shop for airline seat sales and the best priced flight, to get the necessary immunizations and passport and visa for Tanzania, and of course to start training for your climb.

Browse through this website for more information on planning your Kilimanjaro trek, but make sure you look at other information sources too. You can find links to further resources on climbing Kilimanjaro in our links page.